Animal companions at the wedding

Animal companions at the wedding

Animal companions at the wedding

 5 Tips for an unforgettable animal day

The wedding is a special day that you want to share with your loved ones. And who is also one of them? Our beloved pets, of course! More and more couples are choosing to include their furry friends in their big day. If you too are planning to have your pets at your wedding, here are a few helpful tips.

1. Consideration for the needs of animals

Not every pet has the same personality. While some love the attention and flash of the camera, other pets are shy and the big commotion might stress them out. Make sure the activity and involvement in the wedding is appropriate for your animals. Also organize someone to take care of your animals, provide enough exercise, food and water.

2. Outfits for your pets

Dressing your pets in appropriate outfits can not only be eye-catching, but is also a wonderful addition to your ceremony. Have custom outfits made for your loved ones that match your wedding theme or colors. Remember that the clothes must be comfortable and safe.

3. Role in the ceremony

Your animals could play an important role in the ceremony. From ring bearer to flower girl or your own horse instead of the wedding car – there are no limits to your creativity. However, plan ahead and train your loved ones to perform the tasks without stress.

4. Pet-friendly wedding location

If you want to include your animals in the wedding, you should choose a pet-friendly location. Find out in advance about the venue’s rules regarding animals and make sure that the needs of your animals can be met, be it with a safe area to play or even for rest breaks.


5. Shooting with animals

A bridal couple or getting ready shoot with your pets is especially adorable. This is also the perfect solution if you have a special pet and it can not be at the wedding party. Especially if you dress your animals in matching outfits or accessories, this is a real highlight of the shooting.

Bringing your animals into your wedding can be a heartwarming and fun experience that your guests won’t soon forget. But remember that the needs and well-being of your animals always come first. With a little planning and love, you can ensure that your furry friends are part of your big day.

Do you also have a pet that you would like to be involved on your wedding day?
SAVOIR will assist you with creative, species-appropriate ideas on how to include your favorite with an animal role in your wedding planning. Fancy an unforgettable event together with your animal family member? Simply contact us via the contact form. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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