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Everything but cake – Alternatives to the classic wedding cake

by | Sep 23, 2023 | Foodstyling

Cutting the wedding cake is undoubtedly a highlight of any wedding celebration. However, in recent years, more and more couples have been looking for alternatives to break out of the traditional wedding celebration a bit and make their big day even more unique. From a variety of flavors to unusual styles, there are plenty of exciting alternatives to the classic cake. Here are some ideas that might wow you and your guests.


A wall of many colorful donuts is not only a creative eye-catcher, but also offers a delicious alternative to cake. Donuts are possible in any flavors and toppings, from classic frosting to chocolate, cinnamon, peanut butter and more. So guests can easily choose their favorite donut.

Cheese wedding cake

For couples who prefer savory delights, a cheesecake is the perfect rustic alternative. A variety of cheeses accompanied by nuts, dried fruit and grapes. It’s guaranteed to be something different! To ensure that every guest gets their full cheese enjoyment, it’s best to have a nice selection of different types of hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses.

Ice cream cart

Especially on hot summer days, an ice cream cart is a refreshing alternative. The ice cream cart can be integrated in different styles, from rustic to elegant, depending on the wedding theme. Guests can choose their favorite flavor and enjoy it with customized toppings. Ice cream sundaes and popsicles are not only delicious, but also provide a great opportunity for creative and fun wedding photos of the guests.


colorful macarons in any flavors can be stacked into an impressive pyramid. This French delicacy will add a touch of elegance to your celebration and bring France a little closer to your party.

Mixture of everything

Why limit yourself to just one dessert? Instead of one big cake, you can also offer various small treats, especially desserts in a glass or cakepops look very decorative. This also makes it easier to provide desserts for guests with special dietary requirements, such as vegan, gluten-free or certain food allergies. Special desserts can also be provided to match the wedding theme, such as tiramisu at an Italian-inspired wedding.

When choosing an alternative to the wedding cake, it is important to take into account the personal style of the couple and the preferences of the guests. No matter which option you ultimately choose, the main thing is that it fits the celebration and provides an unforgettable culinary experience.

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